New Sheet Sets From Anthro

It's so easy to let the bedroom become the least glamorous room in the house. You figure it's the last place people usually see, right?  Wrong. Your home should be just as lovely for you as for your guests. So, don't forget to treat yourself to something special for the bedroom now and then, like these gorgeous new sheet sets from Anthropologie. From feathers to 'Fruit Salad' (choose from lemon or limes), these sheets are sure to add some zip to your dull boudoir. Love the patterns, but the set is too pricey? Don't be afraid to mix it up. Buy just the pillowcases and switch out the matching cases that came with your current sheet set or mix with a less expensive set of sheets. Try Dwell Studio for Target. For more tips on creating an inviting bedroom, check out this post.

Modern Options from Thos. Moser

Shaker-style meets Danish Modern?  It might sound like an unexpected combination, but they actually share a similar approach to design. The Shaker philosophy: "Don't make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don't hesitate to make it beautiful."The new Meridian collection by David Moser for Thos. Moser accomplishes just that, with clean lines and graceful curves that blend in the Danish Modern aesthetic. Each one of these handcrafted pieces is already signed and dated by the craftsman who builds it, but for the first 25 orders of each piece in the Meridian collection, David Moser will include his signature. Each piece is guaranteed for life of the original owner too.  Value, simplicity, and beauty.  What else could you ask for?

Also, new from Thos. Moser is the Edo platform bed.  Described as "minimalist to the core", this piece from the Edo collection is a nice departure from the company's more traditional collections, while still maintaining their core values.  Each and every piece is handcrafted at their Maine workshop and don't forget about that guarantee for life.

For more modern styles from Thos. Moser, also check out the Vita collection.

Top to Bottom: Meridian Coffee Table, Meridian Dining Table and Chairs, Meridian Bar Stools, Edo Platform Bed, Vita Three Place Sofa, Vita Lounge with Chair and Ottoman

The Bedroom: Make It Beautiful and Light It Right

Before you drift off to sleep each night, your bedroom is the last thing you see and when you wake in the morning, guess what?  There you are in the same room and it's just the way you left it.  People tend to worry more about the public spaces in their homes, but the bedroom, where you rest your head every night, deserves some special treatment.  Make your space a visual treat, so when you open your eyes each morning, you're inspired to start the day.  Try this design, with one chocolate brown focal wall behind the bed and a mix of modern textiles, and my tips on creating the right atmosphere with lighting.

Clockwise from top left: West Elm Slatted Rocker (new!) , John Robshaw Jala Khaki Duvet Cover and Shams ,  Twenty2 'Silt' Pillow, Twenty2 'Afterglow' Pillow,  Kartell 'Cindy' Lamp, Brave Space Design 'Planar' Amoire , Dunn-Edwards Paint in DE6063 Black Walnut, Vers iPod Alarm , Inhabit Living Stretched Wall Art , MVOS 'Heavy Guy' Chandelier , CB2 Alpine Bed , The Shade Store 'Float' Roman Blind from Maharam , Angela Adams Peony Rug

Light It Right! No matter how luxurious the textiles or how comfortable your mattress might be, the right lighting in the bedroom is crucial.  Follow these tips to get it right:

1.) General lighting is important, but one ceiling-mounted fixture in the middle of the room won't cut it.  Layer in mood and task lamps to achieve a relaxing atmosphere and reduce eye strain.

2.) Good general lighting will bounce off the ceiling and wash the walls with light.  A fixture with a glass or fabric diffuser(s) over the bulbs is the best option, so that you don't get glare while lying in bed.  Otherwise, just be sure to put the light the light on a dimmer, which brings me to tip #3...

3.)  Put all fixtures on a dimmer!  It's important to be able to adjust the light level as needed.  Who wants to turn on a bright light if you have you get  up in the middle of the night?  Dimmers are generally easy to install, but I love these dimmers (available in black and white) cause they're a bargain and effortless to add.  

4.) If you like to read in bed, you need the right light to reduce eye strain.  Choose a table lamp that has a diffused white shade.  Something with an adjustable arm is ideal because you can direct the light right at the page, no matter what position you're lying in bed.  For a space-saving solution, opt for a swing-arm, wall-mounted fixture.

5.) Add one lamp, like the Kartell 'Cindy' above, that's sole purpose is to set the mood with a soft glow and a fixture that you'll admire as much as your favorite artwork.  I'm going to have an eco-unfriendly moment here (please forgive me earth) and advise that a mood light is a good time to use an incandescent bulb.  I know there have been many improvements with CFL bulbs, even some that can be put on a dimmer, but the warmth you get from an incandescent is unmatched and when you're trying to set a mood, quality of the bulb is oh-so-important.

Hope these tips help and that the design above provides some inspiration for your bedroom.  Here's to a good night's sleep!

Faux Real

Creating a focal point in any room is a must and when it comes to the bedroom, the piece de resistance is the bed, of course.  There are many great options for affordable bedding, but what about the bed frame? There are few well-priced, stylish options and while there are some alternatives (i.e. paint or a d.i.y. upholstered headboard),  those projects can be messy and time-consuming.  For a simple, affordable solution, check out these creative and colorful decals from Mina Javid.

Nessa Headboard in Sunflower

Olivia Headboard in Charcoal

Wrought Iron Headboard in Cranberry

Nico Headboard in Raspberry

Choose from a rainbow of colors and, the best part is, choose any of the four designs for only $40.  Order now and you can bring some va-voom to your bedroom by this weekend!