Upward Bound House

Over the last several weeks, a group of interior designers have donated their time and talent to transform spaces that will transform lives. The Upward Bound House in Culver City had its grand opening on Friday. The emergency shelter for families with children will, of course, provide a safe place to rest their heads, but the designers who worked on this project delivered much more than that! 

These inviting retreats are totally decked out with budget-friendly ideas and some really outstanding space-saving solutions that make the small rooms feel fully-equipped for a small family. Ceiling-mounted curtains around bunk beds give the adults privacy (and kids a nook to call their own!) and when space is at a premium, a banquette used in the dining area maximizes space. There were also beautiful wallcoverings and textiles, fun wall decals, and bright and cheerful color palettes. Plus, some budget-friendly ideas including a $50 Craig's List cabinet that was given a makeover with a fresh coat of white paint (See photo of Typhanie Peterson's room below) and a smart and chic wall decor solution using paper cranes.

Congratulations to all the those who made this wonderful project possible! You have brought the families that will be moving in much happiness and I'm so thrilled that I was able to be there on Friday to celebrate all your hard work. Stay tuned for a part II of Upward Bound House project with more photos (from a professional photographer, not just little ol' me!) in a couple of weeks. For a full list of sponsors and donors, visit Vanessa de Vargas' blog, Turquoise.

Top to Bottom: Lynnea Schwieters (#1 and #2), Kelly La Plante (#3 and #4), Elizabeth Bomberger from Insight Interiors, Erica Islas from Emi Interior Design, Vanessa de Vargas of Turquoise (#7 and #8), Nadia Geller, Rachel Winokur of Etta Designs (#10 and #11),  Typhanie Peterson of Shoebox Decor, Cozette Coffman (#13 and #14), Melissa Capehart, Brigid Coulter, TC Carson and Carlos Rios, Cory Pernicano  

Other designers included Nicole Sassaman, Christy Biberich from Interior O.D., Linda Graveline, and Rhonda Konowalow Angell from RK Texture