Still Hip To Stitch?

I've been bitten by the craft bug recently and looking for a project to take on.  There's been discussion of purchasing a small loom, a block printing kit or even doing a bit of cross stitch (it's been on my mind ever since a friend sent me the link to these Charley Harper kits). Add knitting and quilting along with the options above and I certainly have a plethora of choices to satisfy my craft bug.

Along with my search for a fun new project, some questions have been raised. With the neo-craft movement having been in full swing for awhile now, what's next on the hot list? Are knitting, cross stitch and needlepoint destine to become passé as quickly as they rose in popularity? Maybe you never boarded the neo-craft express and have tuned out all the handmade hype.

While I might never pick up a needle and thread myself, there are still many fun needlepoint and cross stitch products to purchase, from Jonathan Adler's "Granny Gone Wild" pillows to sugary sweet little handmade items from Etsy.  Do you think these objects fit into a modern home though? And even if they do, are these items on their way out in favor of some new, exciting craft fad?  Let's hear it!

Top to Bottom: 'Fawn' Cross stitch on Etsy, Trina Turk (Set of Four) Coasters,  Forever, Jonathan Adler 'Joy' PillowCharley Harper kits, Kiss + Hug pillows from Emily Peacock