New Year, New Shopping Destinations

Well, here we are.  It's 2010 and I hope you're looking forward to a whole new year of fresh design inspiration!  I started off the first few days of this decade with - what else? - furniture shopping! Not in my usual spots though, but in San Diego, which is mostly undiscovered territory for me.  Sure I've been there, but had other activities on the agenda, so this was the first time that I was out and about with my design cap on.  So what did I discover?  A trip to Kettner Blvd in Northern Little Italy lead to many great finds such as Architectural Salvage, Boomerang for Modern, and Klassik. There were some seriously great deals on some vintage furniture and lots of little oddities like the pink flamingo bottle opener (below) which was one of the goodies I brought home with me.  Every 50's house needs a pink flamingo somewhere, right?  And it might just very well be the only pink that my husband will ever let into the house!  Here are some photos from Architectural Salvage where I snagged my little flamingo and follow me on twitter, where I'm going to share some other great finds at my other shopping destinations.