The Roxie Rancho Project: Kitchen Preview

We've experienced major victories and minor defeats over the last month as we've begun our Cliff May renovation. Well, this week we are closing in on a major accomplishment: Our new kitchen! It's been crazy busy this week with electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, delivery people and appliance installers buzzing in and out.  So, the big question is, how is it coming along?  Well, here is a preview:

We've still got a way to go, but as you can see John McDonald from Handmade is installing some beautiful birch cabinetry and I'm listening to our appliances being put in place as I write this.  My dream of not having to go out to the refrigerator in the garage for my breakfast will soon be a reality!  Stay tuned for more photos and a wrap up of our kitchen project.  It will be finished by December 24th and we're excited to whip up a celebratory breakfast on Christmas morning!