Octium by Hayon Studio

Jewelry is irresistible, no doubt about that.  It's shiny and sparkly and well, there's a reason why diamonds are a girl's best friend. So, it's quite a feat when a jewelry store can compete for your attention as much as the wares displayed in the cases. Enter Hayon Studio. For those of you who remember my two-part post on Jaime Hayon, you know I'm a fan and I was equally surprised and delighted by his latest project, Octium, a jewelry store in Kuwait which opened its doors in October 2009. The treasures at Octium, from exclusive jewelers around the globe, certainly deserve a place to shine and Hayon Studio delivers with a store that is decked out in luxurious materials, gleaming finishes, and eye-catching shapes cascading from the ceiling and emerging from the floor. It's as though you're inside a jewelry box nestled among all the precious metals, baubles and gems.