Christmas Countdown: Just 4 More Days!

Last Christmas, I received the most practical and certainly one of the most well designed gifts ever!  These snazzy Index chopping boards from Joseph and Joseph have a compact design, which translates to easy storage and less headache when trying to pack them in the dishwasher. Plus, they are super durable, look good even when left sitting on the countertop, and the color-coded boards mean no cross-contamination of foods.  

So, what's on my list from Joseph and Joseph this year? Well, their mixing bowl sets have won a slew of awards and the combo set below (the Nest 5) works perfectly with the color palette of my new kitchen.  Just like the cutting boards, the compact design is a total space saver and contributes to much tidier cabinets and drawers. Other smart ideas from Josesph and Joseph include a collapsible grater, a bread bin with a lid that doubles as a cutting board, and the Rinse and Chop, which is a cutting board that also acts as a colander.  Dual function items equal more space and less mess!  

The only question remaining: Where can you get these products with just four days left until Christmas?  In addition to the Moma Store, you can snag Joseph and Joseph items, amidst a great selection of affordable gifts, at Tara Riceberg's pop-up shop on 3rd Street, Tweak 99.  (Shopping tip: the store is divided into two categories - under $50 and under $100) Did I mention that the gifts are already pre-wrapped and ready to walk out the door?  Christmas shopping has never been so easy!