Renovation Sneak Peek

Day three of homeownership and my husband and I (with some major help from my father-in-law) have almost completely gutted our Cliff May rancho. Take one look at these photos and you'll see why I've only had a couple of posts this week. Yes, that IS the bathroom sink in the (now non-existent) kitchen!

Top to Bottom: The first two photos are the kitchen (or what's left of it!), [#3] shows one of the bedrooms with the original black VCT tile, [#4] the soon-to-be repainted purple master bath no longer has a sink, toilet, or floor, and the last photo shows our big discovery of day two!  The original Myselite glass divider between the bedrooms was still in tact had been dry-walled over.  Thank goodness there's at least one thing we won't need to replace.  I'll be back next week to regular blog posts and more photos of the renovations.  See you then!