New Lighting, Vintage Look

Have you been combing vintage stores looking for an affordable period light fixture that suits your mid-century modern interior? Find yourself intimidated by the work to rewire/repair and would just rather have something shiny and new? Check out Rejuvenation for a range of classic styles, including streamline and atomic age fixtures that are quite a steal!  You can even customize finishes and change colorways for the some of the shades.  Below are just a few examples, so be sure to check out their site to see all the options and - hint, hint - this is also a great source for mid-century cabinet and door hardware.

From top to bottom: Skyport Chandelier (Choose from 12 finishes) , Jantzen semi-indirect chandelier (Also 12 finishes), Otis sconce: Approved for outdoor use and can be mounted as a ceiling lamp (Tip: This style of fixture was a popular choice for post-war ranch homes), and Corona Tri pendant w/ yellow shades (available in 8 colors)