Czech It Out

Ever so often, I have one of the those "I'm so lucky to live in L.A." moments. The most recent one happened this past weekend in Venice. While exploring Abbott Kinney on Saturday, after a scrumptious lunch at 3 Square Bakery, I stopped by one of my favorite shops, A+R. While there are always many items to ooh and ahh over, I zoned right in on Daniel Pirsc, a ceramic artist from the Czech Republic that I am now head over heels for and I learned that A+R is the exclusive North American dealer.

Stash your cash in this pretty skull bank

A delicate egg seems a bit more intimidating when nestled in this spiky egg cup

The egg cup featured here with other Pirsc items in an A+R vignette

The Zeppelin salt and pepper shakers add a playful touch to the dinner table

The Zeppelin salt and pepper shown here with the Torpedo wine cork at A+R

Usually stormy weather puts me in a lousy mood, but these raindrops just make me smile and prove that Daniel's art goes beyond the tabletop. These ceramic raindrops are one of seven 3D wallpaper options. Choose from roses, birds, even airplanes!

For more about Pirsc and his creative process, including an in depth look into the casting and firing of each piece of his art, visit his website. If you've seen all you need to and just can't wait to get your hands on his work, then head on over to A+R. Thanks for 'Czech'-ing out my latest discovery!